Zoho Integration - WordPress into Zoho

Integrating data from WordPress forms into Zoho

Create follow-up task in Zoho when follow-up work is required

Add a text based consolidated tech report (uneditable)

This is a page for the users to use to help them with the manual report

Translate Spanish reports for office

Using ChatGPT, translate the text of the reports (when in Spanish) for the office reports

Add an editable consolodated office report

Combine all the tech reports for the office to use for a report for saving

Zoho Integration - Create appointment from Deal in Zoho

Create appointment from Deal in Zoho

Create a client report

A consolidated client report for creation, making a pdf and displaying to the client

Show times that technicians don't have anything assigned

Add button to Zoho for scheduling appointments, send stuff over using URL

Look up marina address when marina name entered

(maybe add marina name as dropdown with option to add something new)

Address autocomplete

Clean up database for items synced with Zoho

Remove old forms data for information synced with Zoho (after 30 days?)

Block technicians for given times

Notify administrator when no technician is assigned for an upcoming appointment

Notify client of scheduled work

Send clients an email/text when scheduled work is upcoming

Tag a contact in Zoho when follow-up work is required

Daily email to technicians of assigned work

Send a daily email to each technician of work that is assigned

Add map of appointments for a given today showing where techs are

Envision a map for a day that shows all the appointments and markers for assigned techs